Classes & Seminars

Bible 101

This 5-week class will lead you through the basics of the Bible to provide a firm foundation of biblical knowledge.

Begins Wednesday, August 7
Childcare Available
Registration Open

Crash Course for New Leaders

Join us in exploring what it means to be a leader and equip you with the skills you need to lead in Adult Discipleship.

Sunday, August 18
Childcare Available
Registration Open

When Worldviews Collide

This 5-week class will help you understand the beliefs and assumptions behind today's religious teachings.

Begins Monday, August 19
Registration Open

Introduction to the Old Testament

This 5-week class will provide an overview of the Old Testament, designed to help us understand and apply all of Scripture to our everyday lives.

Begins Tuesday, August 20
Registration Open

Baptism Classes

If you’re ready to make a public declaration of your faith in Jesus, get started by taking a baptism class.