The Great Reversal

Bryan Jones • February 18, 2024
The first recorded miracle Jesus performed was turning water into wine. This reveals the mission of Jesus, which was to take the empty religion of man and turn it into a relationship filled to the brim with life because of the blood of Jesus.

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Jesus at the Center of Transformation

Bryan Jones

February 18, 2024  through  March 31, 2024

In this 7-week series, we examine seven miracles from the book of John that Jesus performed to reveal who He is.

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Daily Devotionals

Satan opposes two things: prayer and spending time in the Bible. Why? Because it's our source of power. It allows us to recharge our faith, something we should do daily. Whether you're comfortable with prayer or you've never really prayed before, these devotionals will be catalytic in helping your faith grow and keeping Jesus at the center.