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Worship Workshop

Students in Grade 6–Adults who are current and aspiring worship leaders are invited to a Production and Worship workshop led by staff and volunteer leadership. Each person can choose to attend three out of eight sessions involving different fields of worship and production. 

Sessions Available:

Audio: He who has ears, let him hear

  • A breakdown and discussion of mixing live audio for an audience with varied expectations.

Foundations of Guitar in Worship

  • An overview on how the electric and acoustic guitars fit into modern worship music. We’ll cover gear, chord shapes, creating an atmospheric sound and what your mindset should be while playing with a band.

Keyboards in Worship: Atmosphere, Mood, & Melody

  • Main Stage – Learn to operate song specific patches • Learn to transpose song specific patches • Discover arpeggiated patches and learn how to change the tempo • Learn to build your own Main Stage rig • Build a setlist of patches for a worship set in Main Stage • Explore adjusting your outputs for your best sound.
  • Role of Piano in Worship – Explore how to comp and how to pad • Learn to “play in your lane” and not cross over into Bass or Guitar territory • Discover chord voicing.
  • Role of Aux Keys in Worship – Explore useful patches • Learn chord voicing • Learn the purposes of Aux Keys and their role in a worship set • Organ chord voicing.

Lighting: You are the LIGHT of the world

  • In this session we'll learn how to worship through creative design. Good lighting design helps us supplement a good worship experience without being distracting.

Rhythm of Worship

  • This session explores how the Bass and Drums provide the foundation, drive, color and dynamics for the rhythm section that helps shape the musical atmosphere in worship. We'll survey musical examples and cover important rhythm section topics including: developing consistency in time-keeping, drums and bass synchronicity, improvisation and musicality.

Video: Clearly See His Invisible Qualities

  • Get a sneak peek at all things video. Using graphics and video, we tell the story of what is happening and what is being taught at Brookwood Church. In this session we'll cover easy to learn Camera Operator duties and Control Room positions which includes Teleprompter, Computer Graphics (Lyrics and scripture slides), Technical Director and more.

Worship Culture: Creating a Kingdom Culture in Your Worship Community

  • “People go where they are accepted; they’ll stay where they're loved.” Leading and being part of a worship team is more than just showing up to play, choosing the songs, or running the rehearsal. With a Kingdom perspective, we'll talk about the elements that make up a thriving worship CULTURE, how a leader can implement one, and the important role band members/vocalists play in ensuring that it lasts.   

Worship Leading: Your Voice and Your Call

  • If you're someone who's looking to work out your call to be a worship leader and vocalist, this class will help you with good vocal preservation practices and how to bring the room into what you're singing about (Jesus). This class will hopefully encourage you to be a better leader and champion of other vocalists and leaders in building worship culture that is first and foremost centered on Jesus.


  • Cost of registration is $15 and includes instruction and a T-shirt.
    • NOTE: Those who register after Sunday, August 8 are not guaranteed their preferred T-shirt size.
  • Registration is open through Thursday, August 26.

Saturday, August 28
9 am–Noon

Brookwood Church

Alena Jarreau
[email protected]
(864) 688-8396

Registration closed on Thursday, August 26, 2021